poster-largeSeems like the ‘found footage’ craze has died off a bit – a good thing frankly as the films had started to become parodies of themselves and not in a good way.  But now this has come along.  They’re Watching is coming to us from Jay Lender and Micah Wright – both video game vets whose credits include  Call of Duty: Black Ops II and Spongebob Squarepants – they’ve decided to turn their sights on some horror freakishness.  Here’s what they’ve come up with.

“When an American home improvement TV show visits a remote Eastern European village, the young crew thinks the lack of mocha lattés and free wifi will be the worst of their problems. But after their filming interrupts the superstitious villagers’ private religious ritual, the situation takes a turn for the homicidal… and when the blood starts flowing, that’s when things get really weird.”

Brigid Brannagh, Kris Lemche, Carrie Genzel, David Alpay, Dimitri Diatchenko and Mia Faith all star and we’ve got a pretty entertaining little trailer to get your interest peaked!

March 25th is when we’ll be able to catch the whole thing.  It hits VOD and theaters on the same day so hunt it up before they come hunting for you.