Director Kevin Smith

Director Kevin Smith

Not too long ago, Kevin Smith, the famed “indie-auteur” who created Clerks on a shoestring budget of maxed-out credit cards, recently finished a script for Clerks 3. It was to be his final film before retirement from directing; his magnum opus, if you will, but that doesn’t mean he can’t make films in between. Aside from his impending miniseries, Hit Somebody!, a hockey comedy based on the song by Warren Zevon, his latest venture is an original horror film, Tusk, which started as a mere conversational piece between him and Scott Mosier on his podcast, SModcast. What is Tusk, you might ask? I’m glad you did, because it’s as ridiculous as it is terrifying (more so, because it’s based on real life).

Tusk follows the true story of a man who was stranded on an island with a walrus for three years. Upon returning home, the man misses the walrus so much that he puts an ad on a website for a walrus roommate. Not an actual walrus, mind you, but someone who will dress up in a “realistic” walrus costume he’s made for two hours a day, not able to speak, save for guttural walrus grunts. Sounds too ridiculous to be true? Normally, I’d agree with you, but you can read the original ad here.

Since the discussion, the idea clicked with Smith so much that one month later, the director has finished the script for Tusk and sent out a copy to his Red State star, Michael Parks. He also announced on his Twitter page that he is seeking Quentin Tarantino for the role of the walrus roommate, believe it or not. Smith has described the film as the “cuddly Human Centipede” and plans to start shooting no later than September.

Tusk seems like an interesting and potentially darkly comic project, and fans of Red State may be happy to hear the filmmaker may return to the genre once more before calling it quits behind the camera. Stay tuned for more on Kevin Smith and Tusk here at!

– By Robert Vaughn

Robert Vaughn is a graduate of Montclair State University, NJ, with a B.F.A. in Filmmaking. Throughout his time in the program, he worked on various aspects of pre, pro and post-production. Writing has always been a favorite of his and he feels this “favoritism” shows in his work. Various professors, students, directors and actors have praised his writing ability. On top of writing for Diabolique, he has written for TV, written/co-written feature films for So Real? Entertainment and is currently working on a feature length dark comedy script of his own. Follow him on twitter: @rvaughn881