"Organ Grinder"

“Organ Grinder”

As you’ve likely noticed, this week at Diabolique Magazine has been JUG FACE WEEK, in which Diabolique has presented exclusive interviews with the cast and crew behind Jug Face every day of this week, leading up to the theatrical release of the film on Friday, August 9th. However, before we release our exclusive interview with Jug Face star Lauren Ashley Carter this afternoon, Diabolique is offering something to satiate your imagination in the meantime that falls right in line with JUG FACE WEEK!

In line with the release of Jug Face, Modernciné has released the short film that earned director Chad Crawford Kinkle the opportunity to direct his Slamdance Award-winning screenplay, Jug Face. The short is called Organ Grinder, a graphic and shocking short about a woman with a special ability to remove demons that fixate upon male sexual impulses. The just-over-6-minute short is beautifully constructed and shot, and reveals its nature in a solid progression and pace. It’s an impressive and imaginative short, even if the content feels markedly extreme, and Kinkle’s understanding of visual storytelling hits big with this effort. You can watch the short in its entirety below:

As mentioned before, Jug Face is releasing this Friday, August 9th in select theatres, and the film is still available for rental now on iTunes, Amazon and VOD platforms. The film is also releasing on DVD and Blu-ray on October 15th, 2013, and is available for preorder on Amazon and other retail outlets. For more information on the film, you can visit its official website here or visit here for a list of screening locations. For more from Jug Face, you can like the film on Facebook or follow them on Twitter: @jugfacemovie. For more from Chad Crawford Kinkle, you can follow him on Twitter: @ChadCKinkle.

For more information on Jug Face, including our exclusive interviews with Lauren Ashley Carter and Sean Young, check back later on DiaboliqueMagazine.com during our JUG FACE WEEK! Additionally, you can check our previous JUG FACE WEEK interviews with producer Andrew van den Houten here and star Sean Bridgers here, Chris Hallock’s interview with Jug Face director Chad Crawford Kinkle here. Also, don’t forget to pick up Diabolique Issue #17, our incredibly great and star-studded horror-comedy issue, which is available for preorder now and will be on shelves and available for Digital Download soon!

– By Ken W. Hanley

Ken W. Hanley is the Web Editor for Diabolique Magazine, as well as a contributing writer for Diabolique Magazine and Fangoria Magazine. He’s a graduate from Montclair State University, where he received an award for Excellence in Screenwriting. He’s currently working on several screenplays spanning over different genres and subject matter, and can be followed on Twitter: @movieguyiguess.