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Jack Black brings “Ghost Ghirls” to Comic Con

"Ghost Ghirls" via Yahoo!

“Ghost Ghirls” via Yahoo!

The half of Tenacious D that goes by the name Jack Black will be returning to San Diego Comic Con for the first time since 2005 to promote his upcoming horror-comedy webseries Ghost Ghirls. A parody of the popular ghost-hunting reality series that have been polluting cable network programming for years, Ghost Ghirls will bring Black back to Comic Con since his last appearance for Peter Jackson’s King Kong 8 years prior. In addition to guest starring, Black will also be appearing in the series.

Ghost Ghirls follows two best friends (TV comedy regulars Amanda Lund and Maria Blasucci, also co-creators) as they bumble through their jobs as paranormal investigators. Those who go to the panel at the con will be treated to an exclusive episode viewing and an audience Q+A panel before the twelve episode season premieres on Yahoo! in the fall.  Yahoo! plans on unfolding the series via the popular binge method as seen on Netflix and Hulu, unlike their previous internet original programming.

Ghost Ghirls blends a unique mix of comedy, horror, and irreverent celebrity cameos. Apart from Black’s cameo, other celebrities slated to appear in the series include frequent Tenacious D collaborator Dave Grohl, Val Kilmer, Jake Johnson, Molly Shannon and Jason Schwartzman among others. Along with the stars of the show, Drunk History wunderkind Jeremy Konnor also serves as creator, as well as director.

This web series is only one offering of Yahoo’s future Fall Comedy Line Up, which includes Ed Helm’s surreal action spoof Tiny Commando, Morgan Spurlock’s comedy-documentary series Losing Your Virginity with John Stamos and Cheryl Hines’ Curb Your Enthusiasm spiritual soulmate We Need Help. With the growing popularity of online television as seen from Netflix’s Hemlock Grove and House of Cards, the multi-faceted Nerdist Network and Yahoo!’s previous effort, the popular Burning Love, online television is becoming its own media force. Now that Yahoo! is throwing its hat in the ring, it will be interesting to see who else follows.

– By Catherine Kovach

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