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IFC To ‘RAZE’ Hell

 Zoe Bell in RAZE

News coming out of Cannes Film Festival this week indicates that our friends over at IFC Midnight have acquired the North American distribution rights to the film RAZE,  an action/thriller from writer Robert Beaucage and director Josh Waller. RAZEstars  Zoe Bell, who most will remember from her stunt-heavy meta-performance in Quentin Tarantino’s Death Proof, and Rachel Nichols, who starred in Maniac Director Franck Khalfoun’s P2. The film also features genre heavyweights Sherilynn Fenn (Twin Peaks), Tracie Thoms (Grindhouse) and Doug Jones (Pan’s Labyrinth).

RAZE is a story that begins when Jamie (Nichols) and Sabrina (Bell) are both abducted, awaking in a strange concrete prison also housing 48 other women. They women soon learn that an unknown organization has put them there, and have the ability to kill their loved ones. The only way to protect them? To engage in one-on-one fights to the death.

The Women of RAZE

With Bell in a starring role, it’s guaranteed that the action and fight scenes in RAZE are going to be stellar. It will be quite a trip to see her in a starring role of this caliber, and the film is garnering a lot of buzz from its screenings at both Cannes and Tribeca.

IFC has yet to announce any information about when they will be releasing RAZE in the U.S., but keep your eyes on Diabolique for more information, or visit

– By Matt Delhauer

Check out the official International Trailer for the film below:

Hammer Horror: The Warner Bros Years

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