Pretty big fan of the IFC Midnight label sitting right here so when I see the name attached to a film it immediately goes on my radar so with that in mind – lets talk about The Confines.

This one stars Louisa Krause and Jason Patric and tells the following tale:

“set in a vast vacant residential complex amidst a recession, the shops and rooms have all been abandoned and the underbelly of the building has been left to decay. A struggling single mother, works as a security guard for the corporation that owns the structure, along with her brusque, rent a cop partner, Cooper (Jason Patric). As the night progresses, the building, Cooper, and a vagrant in the area (Mark Margolis) toy with her sadistically. Her curiosity to find the truth leads her on a dangerous path into the depths of the building, where she becomes trapped in the dark catacombs of the structure and her sanity is terrorized.”

There is no official word on release details yet but I’m sure they will be forthcoming soon and as soon as I get the word – you’ll have it as well.