112263Easily one of my favorite Stephen King tales in recent memory – 11/22/63 is a tight, tense, interesting time travel thriller that I for one am really looking forward to checking out.  J.J. Abrams has put together an 8 part mini-series that will stream on Hulu next year and we get our first look at the fun in this short but effective teaser trailer.

James Franco stars in a tale that goes like this:

“Jake Epping, an unassuming divorced English teacher who stumbles upon a time portal that leads to 9/9/1958 and goes on a quest to try and prevent the assassination of John F. Kennedy. But his mission is threatened by Lee Harvey Oswald, his falling in love, and a past that doesn’t want to be changed.”

Sarah Gadon, Chris Cooper, Cherry Jones, Daniel Webber, George MacKay, Josh Duhamel, T.R. Knight, Jack Fulton, and Leon Rippy round out the cast.  The project debuts on Presidents Day which is Feb. 15th of 2016.