Bloody Friday was released one year after the actual event and was helmed by director Rolf Olsen, (The Last Ride To Santa Cruz, When Night Falls On The Reeperbahn) one of the leading German genre filmmakers of the 1960’s and 1970’s. Bloody Friday is widely considered by Euro-crime cinephiles, as his crowning achievement and one of the greatest Krimi films of its era. This Italian-German co-production stars Raimund Harmstorf, Amadeus August and Gianni Macchia. The soundtrack was composed by Euro-soundtrack fave Francesco De Masi.

Our friends as Subkultur-Entertainment have launched a Kickstarter campaign to save Bloody Friday before it is lost forever!

The original camera negative is damaged beyond repair. Missing frames, splices, tears, water damage, non-removable dirt and deep scratches. All available 35mm positive prints were printed on Kodak or Ferrania material that have faded over time. There are only 4 known positive prints left in existence, all with the same problems.

They will use the intermediate positive for their restoration. This is a direct positive copy of the original negative and retains the accurate color representation. This is the second-best option in the case of a damaged camera negative and perfectly suitable for their English-friendly DVD/Blu-ray release.

The preservation of this film has been woefully neglected. Subkultur intends to step in before its too late, so head on over to Kickstarter and make your contribution:

Restore Bloody Friday