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Happy Friday the 13th: Ways to Celebrate

Well, it is another Friday the 13th, and that means a lot of things for all of you horror connoisseurs out there. There are plenty of ways that you can celebrate the holiday, and we are sure you have planned them out well in advance, but we figured that we would help you out anyways.

First, the artwork for the much anticipated Halloween: The Complete Collection, being released by Shout! Factory and Anchor Bay was finally unveiled today. While all the details and specs are still being held off until a future date, those who have already pre-ordered, or are planning on pre-ordering soon, have the chance to check out this beautiful package. Don’t miss out on a chance to own all the films on Blu-Ray in one attractive collection: Pre-order today.





Second, in continuation of the Summer of Fear campaign Shout! Factory’s imprint, Scream Factory, will be live streaming Night of the Demons tonight. The film will begin at 7pm PDT/ 10pm EST and will feature special guests Kevin Tenney and Amelia Kinkade.

Third, another distribution favorite of ours, Arrow Films, is having a Friday the 13th sale to commemorate their five-year anniversary. To celebrate they have discounted a lot of great titles including: City of the Living Dead, Zombie Flesh Eaters, Inferno, Big Trouble in Little China and many more. The sale, which began today, will run until June 29th so you have some time. For more information, head over to Arrow Films’ Shop.

Fourth, Waxwork Records, a label focusing on vinyl soundtrack reissues have released the artwork for their upcoming Friday the 13th OST. The artwork by Jay Shaw is sure to impress. In addition, they have released three tracks from the OST via their soundcloud, which can be streamed here.


Finally, Fright Rags have just unveiled a pre-order sure to please many Friday the 13th fans alike. Re-releasing their, self-proclaimed, “most requested design,” fans now have another chance to own G.I. Jason: A Real American Slasher, which first debuted in January of 2012. The pre-order is live as of today, so don’t miss the opportunity to own this humorous design: pre-order.




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