A filmakers legacy is judged by many factors  – box office, critical aclaim, the embrace of fandom – all important – all achievements to be proud of but there are some accolades that transend all that and one such acknowledgment would be a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

All the true masters have a place there and now the modern master of horror George Romero can count himself amoungst the recognized.  There is no denying his career and vision has influenced the genre in ways that will be felt for decades on end and it only seems right that his name be recognized with all the other masters of entertainment.

There has been a drive underway for quite a while to get George this honor – a lot of folks have have labored behind the scenes so congrats to George – congrats to all those who supported the idea – and congrats to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce for making a damn fine choice in honoring a true visionary, not to mention an all around great guy.

Congratuations George Romero!!

Here’s a video of the announcement that was made earlier today.