Last year, a new kind of sci-fi film was making the rounds at festivals; stumbling upon the movie at Fantasia, only now is it getting released in theaters. Last year, the film went by the title, OXV: The Manual; now, it’s called Frequencies, but it’s the same great science fiction romance.

Beginning in an elite school for gifted children (shades of X-Men, without the crazy super powers), we meet Marie and Zak, two kids who have both the highest and the lowest frequencies in the school. High means extremely lucky, low is at the other end of the spectrum. They are told never to go near each other, for the consequences are dire—luggage falling from planes, rain pouring only on him, and other disasters—but they are intrigued by each other. You see, your frequency also determines your social status and standing; if you can change your frequency, you can change your life. Over the years, perfect, lucky Marie—who has no discernible emotions, much like a sociopath—decides to conduct experiments in order to analyze what happens when she meets with Zak (who is smitten with her). We see them grow. The variables change, but the results stay the same. What’s a love story without a parting of the ways? Zak travels the world for years and immerses himself in research, projects, and other scientific endeavors. We meet up with the odd couple again when they are adults; he contacts her and asks her to conduct a new experiment—love. Of course, she’s not capable of love, but her analytical mind goes for the bait. Zak’s OXV device allows them to gradually switch the levels of their frequencies; as his gets higher, hers lowers, and she’s able to experience true emotions.

Frequencies blindfold

While this is a philosophical story on love and socio-economic standing, other ideologies come into play, like the concept of free will. There are also government cover ups, laid out over exposition. It’s up to the individual to decide whether to suspend enough disbelief to let these needless theories and explanations slide, but the originality and substance of the central story will be enough to satisfy most viewers.  Overall, Frequencies is thoughtful, theoretical magic.


Frequencies is out in select U.S. theaters now, in addition to VOD. 
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