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FOX to bring Terror to Tumblr



As the recent multitude of submissions for the upcoming More ABCs of Death has proven, horror fans are looking for more ways to become interactive with the genre they love. Social media has allowed an increased presence of fan involvement, even more so than 5 years ago when fan reaction on the internet caused substantial changes to genre films such as Snakes on a Plane and The Midnight Meat Train. However, in the most fascinating turns, the studios have even begun listening and responding to such social media, foreshadowing a future in which the interests of fans and the interest of business may become less mutually exclusive than ever before. And with horror having such a tight knit community, as well as one that’s perhaps more vocal and divided as the other genres combined, it’s no surprise that FOX is taking a leap into the social media realm with a focus specifically catered to the horror crowd.

As recently announced, Fox recently premiered their new site,, to specifically engage their users on their past, present and future horror releases. Acting as an extension of the social networking site Tumblr, FOX is hoping that FOXhorror will help fans become more involved in their films as ever, offering exclusive pictures and clips from past and future films as well as allowing their fans to interact with their content directly. Furthermore, FOX will use the site to aggregate fan-generated content, which will give horror fans a new level of exposure that’s previously been unprecedented on Tumblr. Having released Fright Night 2 and Twixt on video this year, and as well hosting Park Chan-Wook’s Stoker at subsidiary FOX Searchlight, FOX hopes this site will be indicative of their fans voice as its slate increases and it awaits on its next genre offering, Devil’s Due. Will the horror community embrace FOXhorror? Only time will tell, but for updates and premieres via FOXHorror, check back here at

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