Dan Stevens

Dan Stevens

Former Downton Abbey star Dan Stevens continues to shed his former Edwardian hearthrob image as he has now been announced as the male lead for The Guest, a ‘80s-esque action-thriller directed by Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett.

The directing and writing duo are well-known in the genre community for their participation in the V/H/S anthology franchise, as well as The ABC’s of Death. The long-delayed home invasion film, You’re Next, is poised to hit theaters on August 23 from Lionsgate, marking the duo’s first major studio release. The Guest tells the story of an ex-marine who is taken in by the family of a fallen comrade, with newcomer Maika Monroe as the eldest daughter determined to protect her siblings once the guest becomes unwelcome in the house. In their previous interview with Diabolique, Wingard described the film as closer to the tone of The Terminator and Halloween.

All thought mostly well known for his turn as the dashing Matthew Crawley on Downton Abbey, Stevens has recently changed his look, and is now a far cry from Downton’s heir, who died so tragically at the end of last season. After darkening his hair and losing several pounds, Stevens has recently taken on gritter roles, including a turn as a drug dealer alongside Liam Neeson in A Walk Among the Tombstones under the direction of The Lookout’s Scott Frank.

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– By Catherine Kovach