"Prince of Darkness" Blu-ray Banner

“Prince of Darkness” Blu-ray Banner

Horror fans rejoice! Master of Horror John Carpenter will have three of his classic films released on Blu-ray later this year for the very first time. Firstly, SHOUT! Factory has announced the release dates for two Collector’s Editionsfrom the Carpenter filmography. July 30th will see the Blu-ray release of Carpenter’s spooky-gem The Fog, starring Halloween actress Jamie Lee Curtis and Tom Atkins, followed two months later by Carpenter’s much trippier cult classic Prince Of Darkness, starring Halloween actor Donald Pleasance and Big Trouble in Little China actor Victor Wong, on Sept. 24th.  Finally, to round out the list, Warner Bros. Entertainment will be releasing a Blu-ray edition of Carpenter’s homage to Lovecraftian horror: In The Mouth Of Madness on Oct. 15th. With The Thing already in the high-definition format, genre fans will be able to own all three of Capenter’s “Apocalypse Trilogy” films on Blu-ray for the first time this fall.

 In addition to these films, two more of Carpenter’s films will be hitting the format later this year as well, although one will be a reissue and the other isn’t strictly Carpenter, per se. Halloween: The 35th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray will be coming out this fall from Anchor Bay Entertainment, featuring a transfer overseen by the film’s cinematographer, Dean Cundey, as well as a brand-new retrospective commentary track from Curtis and Carpenter themselves. The other release will be Body Bags, once again from SHOUT! Factory, an anthology collaboration between Carpenter and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre’s Tobe Hooper. Not many details have been released about either set just yet, but Body Bags will be released near Christmas 2013.

A still from "In The Mouth of Madness"

A still from “In The Mouth of Madness”


John Carpenter is not considered one of the Masters Of Horror for no reason, and each of these films gives a solid defense to that title. Any self-respecting genre fan has heard of Carpenter and seen at least of his films. He is one of those directors that has found a way to explore every part of the genre in order to keep his work fresh and evolutionary. For those who haven’t ventured too far into the Carpenter library, these Blu-rays are an excellent step-off point to see everything the master has to offer in a format that will do the groundbreaking effects and imaginative storytelling justice.

By Matthew Delhauer

Matt Delhauer is a graduate of Ramapo College of New Jersey, with a degree in communications and digital filmmaking. As an avid fan of horror films since childhood, Matt has had years of exposure to the best, worst, and many in between. Outside of film Matt also holds knowledge in several fields of media and entertainment, from literature to television, which are all met with an eye for analysis and a love of entertainment. For more of Matt’s work take a look at his blog at www.gingergeekblogs.blogspot.com or follow him on twitter: @MattDelhauer