Without a doubt – one of the most iconic characters to come out of the Robert Rodriquez blood fest From Dusk Till Dawn was Tom Savini’s portrayal of the bull whip bearing bad ass Sex Machine and when word came down that the character would be making an appearance on the new TV show – which is getting ready for its season three debut –  fans waited to hear if Savini would be recreating one of his most famous characters.

The answer was no.

Jake Busey was brought on board and Sex Machine was given a back story that no one would have ever seen coming and you know what?  It all worked.  Only bad thing for horror fans –  no Tom Savini – well gang – as you may already be aware, that little problem has been remedied.  Tom Savini has joined the cast for season three and will be playing Burt.  Yep, Burt.

El Rey released a new promo video and it is chock full of fun facts about Tom’s role and the interaction he now has with the character that he made famous.  It’s titled When Sex Machine Meets Sex Machine and I think you’re going to like it.  Behold!

Season three is going to kick off with a two-hour season premiere on Sept. 6th  at 9 PM on the El Rey Network.  If you haven’t been watching ( and why not?) you still have time to catch up as Netflix is streaming the show so, get those binge watching pants on and get busy getting lazy.

Something tells me that season three is going to be one for the record books.