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Fantaspoa Announces Second Wave of 2018 Film Selections

Brazil’s Fantaspoa, the largest genre film festival in Latin America, is proud to reveal the second wave of programming selected for their upcoming fourteenth edition, running from May 17th through June 3rd, 2018. The celebrated genre film fest, which takes place annually in the lakeside city of Porto Alegre will announce their full line-up, containing more than 100 films from around the world, on the second week of May.

Twenty new features are being announced today, in addition to the seventeen previously announced, which included Puppet Master: The Littlest ReichMohawk, The Ranger, Ederlezi Rising, and Les Garçons Sauvages.

Along with previously announced “Masters of Horror” creator Mick Garris, director William Lustig will also receive a career achievement award at the 2018 festival. Lustig, whose films include Maniac, Uncle Sam, and the Maniac Cop trilogy, is also the CEO of Blue Underground, an American entertainment company specializing in the distribution of obscure exploitation films.

New attending talent includes Hernan Aguilar, Gabriela Amaral Almeida, Guillermo Amoedo, Thomas Aske Berg, Lazar Bodroza, Gonzalo Calzada, Caye Casas, Manuel Facal, Samuel Galli, Aryeh Hasfari, Adolfo J. Kolmerer, Marc Martínez Jordán, David Masterson, Michael Peterson, Albert Pintó, Lucio A. Rojas, Tilman Singer, Stoya, and Paul Urkijo Alijo.

The second round of fantastic features selected for Fantaspoa 2018 are:

Aterrados (Demián Rugna, Argentina) – Brazilian Premiere

Berlin Falling (Ken Duken, Germany) – Brazilian Premiere

BraveStorm (Jun’ya Okabe, Japan) – Latin American Premiere

Errementari (Paul Urkijo Alijo, Spain/France) – Latin American Premiere

Family (Veronica Kedar, Israel, Germany) – Latin American Premiere

Fiesta Nibiru (Manuel Facal, Uruguay) – Latin American Premiere

Friendly Beast (Gabriela Amaral Almeida, Brazil) – Regional Premiere

Framed (Marc Martínez Jordán, Spain) – Latin American Premiere

El Habitante (Guillermo Amoedo, Mexico/Chile) – Brazilian Premiere

Knuckleball (Michael Peterson, Canada) – Latin American Premiere

Luciferina (Gonzalo Calzada, Argentine) – Brazilian Premiere

Luz (Tilman Singer, Germany) – Brazilian Premiere

Madraza (Hernan Aguilar, Argentina) – Brazilian Premiere

Mal Nosso (Samuel Galli, Brazil) – Brazilian Premiere

Matar a Dios (Caye Casas and Albert Pintó, Spain) – Brazilian Premiere

Snowflake (Adolfo Kolmerer and William James, Germany) – Latin American Premiere

Trauma (Lucio A. Rojas, Chile) – Brazilian Premiere

The Velocipastor (Brendan Steere, U.S./China) – Brazilian Premiere

Vampire Clay (Sôichi Umezawa, Japan) – Latin American Premiere

VampyrVidar (Thomas Aske Berg, Norway) – Latin American Premiere


Today’s titles join previously announced Fantaspoa 2018 features After the Lethargy (Marc Carreté, Spain), Blood Fest (Owen Egerton, U.S.), The Dark (Justin P. Lange, Austria/Canada), Ederlezi Rising (Lazar Bodroza, Serbia), The Endless (Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead, U.S.), Les Garçons Sauvages (Bertrand Mandico, France), Inuyashiki (Shinsuke Sato, Japan), A Mata Negra (Rodrigo Aragão, Brazil), Mohawk (Ted Geoghegan, U.S.), The Next Kill (Mike McCutchen, U.S.), A Pedra da Serpente (Fernando Sanches, Brazil), Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich (Sonny Laguna and Tommy Wiklund, U.K./U.S.), The Ranger (Jenn Wexler, U.S.), Rock Steady Row (Trevor Stevens, U.S.), The Scythe (Rustam Mosafir, Russia), Tigers Are Not Afraid (Issa López, Mexico), and The Witch Files (Kyle Rankin, U.S.).


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