Genre icon Linnea Quigley!

Genre icon Linnea Quigley!

As Comic-Con fever rages through San Diego, the buzz surrounding the Calgary Horror-Con is ramping up into it’s own next gear as the event announced legendary scream queen Linnea Quigley as the convention’s Ambassador-at-Large!

“We felt that Linnea’s charm, compassion, and personality were the perfect fit for spreading amity and a sense of community to other shows and those in the horror industry”, says James Saito, the Director of Marketing for the Convention.

Linnea, who you all likely recognize from her roles in The Return of the Living Dead, Silent Night, Deadly Night and Night of the Demons, has joined the cavalcade of horror icons who will be appearing at the Calgary Horror Con at Hotel Blackfoot in Calgary, AB, on August 3rd and 4th, which includes From Dusk Til Dawn’s Tom Savini, Candyman’s Tony Todd, The Devil Rejects’s Bill Moseley, The Hills Have Eyes’s Michael Berryman, Babylon 5’s Patricia Tallman, Silent Night’s Jessica Cameron and The Wizard of Gore director Herschell Gordon Lewis. Besides a highly-anticipated Night of the Living Dead (1990) reunion panel, the event will also host an exclusive test screening of Jessica Cameron’s upcoming Truth or Dare, as well as Below Zero, 2000 Maniacs!, Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Final Sacrifice, and the Canadian Premiere’s of The Black Dahlia Haunting, Rabid Love and Cannon Fodder.

Linnea will be promoting the Con at several events and interviews in the coming days before the convention, and will be speaking to Diabolique as well in regards to her role as the event’s Ambassador-at-Large. You can follow Quigley on Twitter: @linneaquigley. For more information on Calgary Horror-Con, including tickets and a preview of the full event and screening list, check out, and look for more from Quigley and the Calgary Horror-Con here at!

– By Ken W. Hanley

Ken W. Hanley is the Web Editor for Diabolique Magazine, as well as a contributing writer for Diabolique Magazine and Fangoria Magazine. He’s a graduate from Montclair State University, where he received an award for Excellence in Screenwriting. He’s currently working on several screenplays spanning over different genres and subject matter, and can be followed on Twitter: @movieguyiguess.