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Daughters of Darkness screening at Fantastic Fest!

Exclusive: Herschell Gordon Lewis to appear at Calgary Horror Con

Herschell Gordon Lewis for 'Zombificador' Indiegogo Campaign
The Great White North is going to get a little bit darker this August, as the Third Annual Calgary Horror Con comes back to town, and this time, they’re bringing the big guns.

The Calgary Horror Con will take place at Hotel Blackfoot in Calgary, AB, Canada on Saturday, August 3rd and Sunday, August 4th from 12 p.m.- 7 p.m. In addition to showcasing both short and feature length horror films at the Con, a rogues gallery of horror icons will be making appearances, headlined by none other than the elusive “Godfather of Gore” himself, Herschell Gordon Lewis!

Lewis, currently crowd-funding his new film Zombificador (which the iconic director claims to be his ‘goriest and grossest’ film yet!), will be at the Convention, discussing his experiences in the film business, his reputation as a horror legend and will meeting fans face-to-face. The director of 2000 Maniacs and The Wizard of Gore is not the only cult celebrity in attendance, as Tom (From Dusk ‘Til Dawn) Savini, Tony (Candyman) Todd, Bill (The Devil’s Rejects) Moseley and Patricia (Army Of Darkness) Tallman will appearing for an exclusive Night of the Living Dead (1990) reunion panel! Also participating in the Calgary Horror Con will be Michael (The Hills Have Eyes) Berryman, Jessica (Silent Night) Cameron, Constance and Cleve (Monster Man) Hall, Spawn illustrator Nat Jones and Blade 2 SFX artist Dave Trainor.

Night of the Living Deads '90 Reunion @ Calgary Horror Con 2013!

Lest you think that Calgary Horror Con would stop the terror there, the event will also host the Canadian premiere of The Black Dahlia Haunting, the new film from Brandon (Area 51 Confidential) Slagle, which stars Jessica Cameron, Devanny (The Lonely Ones) Pinn, Britt (Ghost Hunters) Griffith, Alexis (Kiss Me Again) Iacono, Noah (Mr. and Mrs. Smith) Dahl and Cleve Hall. Also premiering at the festival is Ryan M. Andrews’ Sick and Paul Porter’s slasher homage Rabid Love. And for fans of so-bad-it’s-good films, Calgary Horror Con is proudly presenting a special screening of the Mystery Science Theater 3000-enhanced The Final Sacrifice! The convention will also be the host to several innovative and critically acclaimed short films, including The Post-Lifers, Morgue Street, Stella Buio, Barbie Girl, Nursery Rhymes, Fantasy and The Dump, directed by FANGORIA’s Rebeckah McKendry.

The Convention, which also hosts a Costume Contest on Saturday, August 3rd, has not yet finalized their schedule for both days, so expect more surprises on the horizon. You can purchase tickets (including a day pass for $15.00, and a two day pass for $25.00 if you order before May 31st) HERE! To learn more about the convention, or submit a horror film of your own, please visit the official website. To learn more and donate to Herschell Gordon Lewis’s Zombificador, please visit the films official Indiegogo Page. You can follow the Con on Twitter (@YYCHorrorCon) and you can check out the trailer for the Convention on Youtube.

– By Ken W. Hanley

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