"Monster Man" Cleve Hall

“Monster Man” Cleve Hall

With all the genre legends appearing at Calgary Horror Con this year, from Tom Savini to Tony Todd to Bill Moseley to Herschell Gordon Lewis, it may be easy to overlook the myriad great guests who are also attending the Con as well who have the same amount of passion and love for the genre as the icons. Among these great guests is none other than SFX maestro and star of Syfy Channel’s Monster Man himself, Cleve Hall. Aside from working on films like Ghoulies, Re-Animator and Terrorvision, Hall has enjoyed life as an actor as well, and even as a reality TV star. Add onto the fact that he’s designed props and costumes for Gene Simmons, Alice Cooper and Tenacious D, as well as having an Emmy nomination under his belt for his work on Yo Gabba Gabba! of all projects.

Upon word that Hall may have some exciting news for fans of Monster Man, Diabolique contacted the SFX legend himself for an exclusive, albeit brief, chat…

DIABOLIQUE: So, what exactly is bringing you to Calgary Horror Con this year?

CLEVE HALL: A BIG Airplane I believe…Yes, I’m sure of it! Unfortunately, I hate flying because I feel anything the size of a small apartment complex driven by three guys has no business in the air.

DIABOLIQUE: Prior to this year’s convention, have you ever been to Calgary before?

HALL: Nope. The only other time I was in Canada was in ’82 with my Mommy.

DIABOLIQUE: A couple of nights ago, you announced that you had some exciting news for Monster Man fans on your Facebook page. Would you mind elaborating?

HALL: We’ve been waiting to hear about what Syfy has planned for Monster Man in the future. There have been some “Cyber-Loons” trying to say it was cancelled for quite some time now. Finally, last week at San Diego Comic-Con, a reporter from TMZ asked Mark Stern, Head of Programming at Syfy, why it was cancelled, and Mark replied, “Monster Man has NOT BEEN CANCELLED! Where did you hear that? If it was cancelled, we would have put out a press release. Monster Man has not been cancelled. We are just trying to determine the right time to bring it back.”

Cleve Hall

Cleve Hall

DIABOLIQUE: You’ve done effects work for over 30 years now. What do you find to be most different from the effects work you’ve done at the beginning of your career and the effects work you do now?

HALL: [Back then,] we didn’t have to deal with the threat of being replaced by CGI.

DIABOLIQUE: You appear in The Black Dahlia Haunting, which is receiving its Canadian Premiere at the Calgary Horror Con. How was your experience of working on that film? Do you approach acting work with a different mindset than your effects work, in terms of motivation and drive?

HALL: I have played a lot of psycho killers in my career, usually with a healthy layer of cheese on top. This time, partly because it was a real murder we were recreating, I played it dead serious. There is no humor in my eyes. My ex-wife won’t watch The Black Dahlia Haunting. We only had the dungeon rented for two hours, so we just went for it. No rehearsal. I think that made it even more real. It’s very different from FX, which are like pulling off a magic trick each time and require lots of preparation. When acting, however, I rarely plan ahead. Usually, I modulate my character performance to blend with the actors I’m working with.

DIABOLIQUE: Do you have any other projects currently in development? Is there any horror subgenre that you’ve not previously explored that you would like to?

HALL: Man-Eating Plants. I want to do some [of those]. I do have some amazing new projects, but you’ll hear all about them at the convention!

There you have it! Monster Man will be coming back once more! Cleve Hall and his Monster Man co-star/daughter Constance Hall will both be appearing at the Calgary Horror-Con which takes place in ONE WEEK, from Saturday, August 3rd to Sunday, August 4th at Hotel Blackfoot in Calgary, AB. You can follow Cleve on Twitter: @MechaGothzilla, and you can like his official page on Facebook. For more on Calgary Horror-Con, and to purchase tickets, please visit the con’s official website, and you can visit their official Facebook and follow them on Twitter: @YYCHorrorCon.

– By Ken W. Hanley

Ken W. Hanley is the Web Editor for Diabolique Magazine, as well as a contributing writer for Diabolique Magazine and Fangoria Magazine. He’s a graduate from MontclairStateUniversity, where he received an award for Excellence in Screenwriting. He’s currently working on several screenplays spanning over different genres and subject matter, and can be followed on Twitter: @movieguyiguess.