"Escape from Tomorrow"

“Escape from Tomorrow”

One of the most talked about films at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival was Escape From Tomorrow, an independent “guerrilla-style” surrealist movie, shot exclusively at Disney theme parks. The film, a black-and-white Sci-Fi feature from debut director Randy Moore, has finally found commercial distribution with PDA; an offshoot of the management company Cinetic Media, and will release on October 11th, 2013.

Not only will the film play on theater screens around the world, a PDA spokesman has also stated it will be available day-and-date on cable Video on Demand.  With as much publicity as Escape From Tomorrow has garnered, it is sure to bring in a decent flow at the box office. Ever since its first appearance at Sundance, critics and companies alike have been wary about taking the risk of releasing the film. Debut director Moore chose to make the movie in a very unique way, using hidden cameras at the Disney theme parks in Anaheim and Orlando. Moore, not only filmed the movie in an unusual way, but shot the film completely without permission from Disney; trying his hardest to not attract attention by communicating with his cast and crew via phone from across the park.

Though there has been no response from Disney thus far, the film has received E & O insurance, protecting the distributors completely against liabilities. Legal experts have also stated that if Disney were to try and collect damages by taking the film to court, they would have a weak case. No matter what choice Disney exec’s make, either way, publicity will raise over the release of Randy Moore’s Escape From Tomorrow . Nevertheless, the film garnered rave reviews from Sundance, and was often described by wary critics as, “The best film you’ll never, ever see.”

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– By Nick Wolf