Time has been good to Escape from New York. From the cinema netherworld of the early 80s, John Carpenter’s dystopian adventure prospered on home-video, spawned a sequel, and has been emblemized by cinephiles as an avatar of eighties cool.

Being a Diabolique Webcast listener, you’ve probably seen Escape from New York more than once. But let me tell you, Scream! Factory’s new Blu-ray is the best ever release of the film on home video. “But they always say that when a titles is released!” you might say. I know, but trust me. The film looks phenomenal, and with the new extra features, it’s well worth it.

On this episode of the Diabolique Webcast, Improper Bostonian film critic, and fellow Boston Online Film Critic Association member, Brett Michel and I discuss the making of Escape from New York and the film’s lasting appeal.

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