Episode 3


The Sound Of Fear looks at the world of gothic horror, taking in the music of James Bernard and Hammer horror, the Corman Poe cycle, and the approach to realist shock horror.

Episode Credits:
Narrated by Lisa Brigden
Written, Produced, and Directed by Charlie Brigden
Special thanks to Dan Whitehead, Neil Brand, Randall D. Larson, Tim Mitchell, and Nuts4R2
A very special thanks to our new patrons Erin Mar and Helen Callaghan

“Main Title” from JAWS by John Williams
“Overlay of Evil/Main Title” from FRIDAY THE 13TH by Harry Manfredini
“Ghost Story” from THE FOG by John Carpenter
“Suite” from CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON by Herman Stein, Henry Mancini, Milton Rosen, Hans Salter, and Robert Emmett Dolan
“Main Title from CAT PEOPLE by Roy Webb
“End Credits” from THE CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN by James Bernard
“Main Title” from THE QUATERMASS XPERIMENT by James Bernard
“Main Title”
“Harker Bitten”
“Lucy’s Room”
“Finale” from HORROR OF DRACULA by James Bernard
“Opening Credits”
“The Creature Revealed”
“Justine’s Death”
“The Creature Dies”
“Finale” from THE CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN by James Bernard
“Opening Credits” from THE MUMMY by Franz Reizenstein
“Finale” from THE CURSE OF THE WEREWOLF by Benjamin Frankel
“The Brotherhood Strikes/Opening Credits” from TWINS OF EVIL by Harry Robinson
“Main Title” from DRACULA AD1972 by Mike Vickers
“Affront To Alfredo” from THE MASQUE OF THE RED DEATH by David Lee
“Main Title” from HOUSE OF USHER by Les Baxter
“Prelude/The Old Woman and The Red Death”
“The Red Death/The Fire”
“The Black Wood”
“Prospero and the Red Death”
“Epilogue and End Titles” from THE MASQUE OF THE RED DEATH by David Lee
“The Murder”
“Finale” from PSYCHO by Bernard Herrmann
“Ave Satani (End Title)” from THE OMEN by Jerry Goldsmith

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