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Episode No. 27: Thirty-Five Years of Nosferatu the Vampyre


Thirty-five years after it’s initial release, Nosferatu the Vampyre, Werner Herzog’s haunting tone poem of death and loneliness is as potent today as it was in 1979. To celebrate the film’s recent arrival on blu-ray for the first time in both the US and the UK, Fangoria Magazine #334 has featured it on its cover. Steve Head and David Kleiler discuss the film with special guest, Fangoria’s editor, Chris Alexander who counts Nosferatu among his favorite films of all time. The film is available on blu-ray from the BFI in the UK, and from Shout! Factory in the US.​

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About Stephen Slaughter Head

Stephen Slaughter Head was co-editor of the Star Wars website, co-founder of the much-loved movie news website IGN FilmForce, and editor of the movie section at AOL’s As a film journalist he has more than 2,000 published articles at His work has also appeared on, and in Esquire magazine and the Boston Phoenix. Stephen hosts the Diabolique Webcast.


  1. I too think Kinski’s performance is easily the most compelling of any given for the character. I also think Nosferatu is one of the most beautiful films ever made.

    My only complaint about this particular episode is that it was too short.

    • Hey Robert, thanks.

      Ideally we shoot for around 45mins TRT. Sometimes we bring it in short of that. It just varies with the flow of the conversation or various time constraints.

      Because we aim to please, in curious; What’s your ideal podcast running time?

      • Steve,

        Personally, I’m partial to two-three hour ones.

        The Projection Booth podcast has done some textbook examples in this longer format, most notably their Blue Velvet, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, Possession, and Manhunter episodes.

        Now this isn’t to say I think you should be doing episodes at this length, I think the lengths of your previous podcasts have been perfect, but I do really appreciate these longer episodes where the cast and crew are interviewed along with notable film scholars. That said, I still maintain that your Night of the Hunter and Vertigo episodes are tow of the best film podcast episodes I’ve ever heard.

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