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Daughters of Darkness Book
Hammer Horror: The Warner Bros Years

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  1. Could you possibly add this podcast to Podcast Republic? I would like to subscribe, and that’s my podcast provider.

  2. Sebastian Corbascio

    Yowsa! Great show from two of my favorite podcasters on a subject I know very little about. You guys have GREAT chemistry together, and I am looking forward to so many more episodes.
    Here’s a thought- I liked how you guys pegged the 90’s self-awareness trend in a lot of media. But I would put down Pulp Fiction as the ultimate self-aware movie. Tarantino’s first two came with a big fat wink, and when he made Jackie Brown, he didn’t bring in the Wink, and the film was considered “a flop.” (which is sort of ridiculous) Kermode theorizes that Tarantino was pressured to make more live-action cartoons instead of progressing to more mature work. Thoughts?
    Thanks again for the great episode!

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