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Episode 1: Craig Everett Earl/Soska Twins Q&A

Hello and welcome to this, the first episode of an all new breed in horror podcasting! Let Jon Cross from The After Movie Diner introduce you to horror film-makers, songwriters, actors and more from the independent to the established.

This week we talk to the screenwriter behind slasher thrillers Intrusion and the upcoming sequel Intrusion: Disconnected, Craig Everett Earl. Both films are set to get a wide release from SGL Entertainment and the sequel stars horror icons Corey Feldman (Friday 13th pt. IV) and Tiffany Shepis.

We also bring you exclusive, spoiler free highlights from The Soska Twins Q&A after a recent NY Screening of See No Evil 2 in which they reveal what they brought to the film and their plans for a sequel. Please check out my written review of the film here.

Lastly there’s horror related music from hip hop mixer and mash up artist Chuckie Steel and local, indie, guitar pop duo Moe’s Haven.

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About Jon Cross

My earliest movie image, that I can remember, is that of the demon/devil in the Night on Bald Mountain segment of Fantasia which I saw at the cinema when I was around 3 years old. Although it wouldn't be till my early teens that my serious love of the horror genre would flourish, it's interesting to me that my earliest memory is of something scary. I have been writing as long as I can remember but since 2010 I have been writing a movie review blog and since 2011 I have hosted my own podcast over at While producing the show I have had the chance to interview genre favourites like Barbara Crampton, Jim Wynorski, William Sadler, Brian Trenchard-Smith, William Lustig and Herschell Gordon Lewis among others. My writing has also been featured in the 'I Love Bad Movies' Zine and on Bruce Campbell's personal website.

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  1. great podcast! Love the theme tune…

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