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Episode 1: A Conversation with Craig Martin

The first episode of The Locust Files features Craig Martin, a writer and academic who has recently completed a thesis on evil children in movies. Craig and Lee Gambin discuss the long history of the evil child in cinema, from silent era naughty kids through to benchmark films such as The Bad Seed and right through the wave of them into the early 90s.

With classic cult favorites like The Sailor Who Fell from Grace With the Sea, Devil Times Five, The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane and more being discussed.

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Hammer Horror: The Warner Bros Years

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  1. Fantastic podcast, guys. I LOVED it.

  2. Helen Paschalis

    Absolutely riveting. Incredible knowledge and insight. Fabulous!!!

  3. Lee, I loved your first podcast! With each minute, I could anticipate which movies you and Craig would talk about next! I thoroughly enjoyed it all. I also thought about so many other bad kids: The Dead End Kids/Bowery Boys movies, “The Ransom of Red Chief” (O. Henry’s classic, of course), a couple of Ray Bradbury’s adaptations (“Zero Hour” creeped me out!) and so many more, right? You two could’ve talked for hours! What about “Demon Seed” with Julie Christie? They do show the evil computer-human hybrid baby at the end. I was 12 when I saw that movie and it messed me up!
    Cheers and thanks for a fun podcast,
    Nikki (Helen’s friend)

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