"Ms. 45"

“Ms. 45”

Drafthouse Films, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema’s film distribution branch, has acquired the North American rights to Abel Ferrara’s (Bad Lieutenant) revenge thriller Ms. 45. The film follows the late Zoe Lund as a mute seamstress who, after multiple attacks, starts a homicidal crusade against the male population of New York. Ms. 45 contains many staples of a Ferrara film: it employs NYC as a backdrop, permeating the atmosphere with a sense of despair and creating a feminist entry into the urban revenge subgenre.

The film has been remastered in high definition from the original negatives, and will be returning to theaters this December, as well as an uncut DVD/Blu-Ray debut for the first time in the U.S. Creative Director Evan Husney had this to say about the film, “One of the primary missions with Drafthouse Films is to build a selection of films which destroy the barriers between ‘art-house’ and ‘grindhouse’, and Abel Ferrara’s work embodies just that. Ms. 45 is one of those fringe ’80s films that has been somewhat marginalized as pure exploitation, so we are beyond thrilled to reintroduce it to a new audience of cinephiles.”

For those unfamiliar with Ferrara, the prolific filmmaker began his career working as a visually compelling filmmaker within the ’70s genre scene, turning out films like The Driller Killer before breaking big as an independent force of nature with the back-to-back urban crime films King of New York and Bad Lieutenant. Since then, Ferrara’s filmography has swayed between excellent and forgettable, as his anti-studio sensibilities and workpace has planted him firmly in the world of independent cinema. Be sure to check Diaboliquemagazine.com for more on Abel Ferrara’s Ms. 45 and Drafthouse Films!