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A Double Dose Of Hammer Horror Coming To Blu-ray

63257_3lThe fine folks at Mill Creek Entertainment have got a new collection of Blu-ray horror classics heading our way.  Titled the Hammer Films Double Feature – each volume will bring us two selections from the Hammer library.  Volume One was just announced and it’s a good one.  From the press release:

“For more than four decades, Hammer Films’ unique blend of horror, science fiction, thrills and comedy dominated countless drive-ins and movie theaters. Enjoy this impeccable collection from the darkest corners of the Hammer Imagination!

The Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll
(1960) – Color – 89 minutes – Not Rated
Starring: Paul Massie, Dawn Addams, Christopher Lee, David Kossoff, Norma Marla, Francis De Wolff

Absorbed in research directed towards freeing the two natures of man, Dr. Jekyll degenerates in to Mr. Hyde, a vengeful maniac. While Hyde wants revenge against a gambler whom his wife is in love with, Dr. Jekyll, takes steps to do away with his evil self.

The Gorgon
(1964) – Color – 83 minutes – Not Rated
Starring: Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, Richard Pasco, Barbara Shelley, Michael Goddliffe, Patrick Troughton

In a rural village, a series of murders have been committed where each victim was turned into stone. A local professor investigates and finds an evil Gorgon haunting a nearby castle and in search of more victims.”

Hitting shelves on Sept. 6th for the very reasonable price of $14.99 – how can you not make sure these  make it into your collection.

For all the information you could possibly want about this and other Mill Creek releases – there is no better place to look then their official website.  Go give it a look!


Hammer Horror: The Warner Bros Years

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