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Diabolique’s Top 10 Films of 2013 (Part 1)


DIABOLIQUE asked all of our contributors and friends of the magazine, from filmmakers to film critics, to send us a list of their favorite genre films from the year. The films were ranked according to the frequency with which they appeared on the lists and their placement, and from this we devised our master list of the Top Ten Horror Films of 2013.

Come back throughout the week to check out the individual lists themselves.

you-re-next-poster011) YOU’RE NEXT (Dir. Adam Wingard)
“It may look like any old home-invasion slice-’em-up, but this lean, viciously funny, and thrillingly creepy animal turns dusty genre tropes inside out with sharp shards of black-as-soot humor.” – Jeremy Kibler
the-conjuring-poster2) THE CONJURING (Dir. James Wan)
“This artfully-crafted haunted house thriller pulls out every trick in the book to deliver its charmingly retro chills, ranking it up there with The Amityville Horror and Poltergeist for genuine old school scares.” – Barret Hooper
Maniac-2012-poster3) MANIAC (Dir. Franck Khalfoun)
“Technically fascinating, strange, and beautiful, with a pounding synth score that will stick with you. From the forced first person perspective, there is no way to be passive in viewing Maniac. I imagine that this is a film that will elicit an emotional response from every person who views it.” – Madeleine Koestner
berberian_sound_studio4) BERBERIAN SOUND STUDIO (Dir. Peter Strickland)
“…an aural assault on the senses and an experience more than just a film, highly original, innovative use of sound, a witty undertone, and a mesmerizing performance from the lead this film just had me hooked all the way through.” – Kat Ellinger
stoker_ver3_xlg5) STOKER (Dir. Park Chan-wook)
“The film is dense, ambiguous and richly stylized, fittingly Hitchcockian without losing itself in homage. Plus, (not that it’ll actually happen, but it deserves to be said) Matthew Goode’s performance as Uncle Charlie is Oscar nomination worthy.” – Max Weinstein
american_mary_ver56) AMERICAN MARY (Dir. Jen & Sylvia Soska)
“Dark, sexy and extreme, this intriguing character study trussed up in body-horror bondage is beautifully realised and far from the exploitative circus it could have been.” – James Gracey
worlds-end-poster-27) THE WORLD’S END (Dir. Edgar Wright)
“Who could deny the last of The Cornetto Trilogy a spot on the list! Edgar Wright’s take on an alien invasion managed to deliver laughs, as well as an introspective take on growing up/maturity.” – Robert Vaughn
We-Are-What-We-Are-Poster8) WE ARE WHAT WE ARE (Dir. Jim Mickle)
“…a gripping thriller with surprisingly less gore than you would expect (or fear) and a lot more chills and thrills than most so-called ‘horror’ movies supply. Sure, it’s about cannibals, but it’s also about family, faith, fear and overcoming that fear.” – John Black
SIGHTSEERS-POster9) SIGHTSEERS (Dir. Ben Wheatley)
“…an incredibly dark but immensely funny romantic comedy that doesn’t skimp on brutality… The lush views of the English landscape give the film an ethereal quality despite a lack of any supernatural force at play, and Wheatley reinforces why he’s considered a force in the genre.” – Chris Hallock
Evil_Dead_Poster_Red_2_20_1310) EVIL DEAD (Dir. Fede Alvarez)
“A horror remake that is capable of keeping true to the spirit of the original while blazing its own trail. A movie that proved the idea of pain is far more upsetting than gore.” – Matt Delhauer
The Runners-up included: V/H/S/2, Byzantium, World War Z, Blue Ruin, and Here Comes The Devil.

Check out each of the participants’ entire list in parts 2 and 3.

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