Dear Readers,

Here at Diabolique we’re always looking to introduce new concepts while still providing our readers with what they already know and enjoy. While we do have a basic understanding of our demographic, our analytics and social media interactions can only give us so much information; therefore, in order to gain a better understanding of our readers, we’ve prepared a quick survey. If you have a spare couple of minutes, we’d appreciate your participation.

While there aren’t any questions here you wouldn’t find in other surveys, we do understand that some might seem random. However, every single question posed is with a specific purpose in mind and will help us going forward. Your identity will remain completely anonymous (even to us) and the information you provide will go a long way as we continue to move forward in future. Furthermore, every question is multiple choice and you’ll be able to complete the entire survey in under five minutes. It’s quick and easy for you, while we’ll be able to use the information obtained for months to come.

If you don’t read the website or magazine but still manage to discover this post somehow then we’d still appreciate your participation. The questions here extend to the horror/genre community as a whole, as well as general pop culture enthusiasts.

Lastly, please understand that the Diabolique you already know and love will remain as is. However, we do have plans to grow and introduce new types of content that will hopefully be of interest to you and others in future. Of course, we’re always open to suggestions and feedback from you as well.

Should you be willing to participate, you can by clicking HERE. Thank you in advance for any participation and/or shares.