"Hank the Demon Goes to Hawaii" by Joshua Parrott

“Hank the Demon Goes to Hawaii” by Joshua Parrott

Diabolique Magazine’s excursion into the world of original content continues to grow. With the exception of this most recent entry, on the last friday of every month, Diabolique Magazine is releasing another installment in our exclusive new original short story series: THE EXHUMATION COLLECTION.

The Exhumation Collection is devoted to bringing you, our horror readers, challenging, thought-provoking, dread-inspiring literature by the best up-and-coming genre writers in the horror community. Sometimes surreal, sometimes nightmarish, and sometimes even hilarious, these stories reflect the standards held by Diabolique as a brand, and we are proud to associate ourselves with these brilliant writers.

This month compounds two new entries into The Exhumation Collection, as Diabolique brings forth two new comically bent tales of terror with “Hank the Demon Goes to Hawaii” by Joshua Parrott and “The Redo” by Matt Rotman.

Both Parrott and Rotman decide to blend horror with humor in their pieces, making their stories creepily compatible. Whereas Parrott goes for a story of a soul-taking Demon tormented by his past and his own aversion to enjoyment whilst on his vacation, Rotman offers a much more brooding piece, as a disheartened man watches his wife become what he fears most. So ready yourself for both fun and fear in grinning grue within the The Exhumation Collection with “Hank the Demon Goes to Hawaii” by Joshua Parrott and “The Redo” by Matt Rotman…

The Redo by Matt Rotman
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Hank the Demon Goes to Hawaii by Joshua Parrott
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