The Devil Rides Out

Here at Diabolique, we focus our time and energy trying to find that perfect balance between publishing pieces our staff enjoys writing and ones we feel our readers enjoy reading. Our tastes are eclectic and we’ve found that our audiences tastes are just as weird and diverse. We pride ourselves on being independent and publishing content we’re passionate about, and we hope that you enjoy it. However, given that our dear readers are very well-informed and passionate in their own right, we thought it would be fun to find out more about their favourite things.

Therefore, in the spirit of self-fulfilling research, we’ve decided to create a little survey to find out more about our readers and what they enjoy. This will include finding out more about their favourite films, filmmakers, and genres, as well as the types of features they enjoy reading. After we’ve gathered the information and completed the mathematics, we’ll publish lists highlighting the results.

This is just for fun and your personal details will be totally anonymous, but all participation is appreciated and we look forward to finding out the results and sharing them with you. Praise the Dark Lords.

To participate, please fill out this form.