Greetings, ghouls.

The Halloween season is nearly upon us, and we here at Diabolique Magazine want to dedicate the entire month of October to celebrating the best time of the year. That means we’ll be posting lots of great content that’s in line with the spirit of the season and we’re looking for contributions. If you’re a keen writer who’s passionate about this time of year, we want to hear from you.

We’re open to a variety of feature types — essays, retrospectives, love letters,  opinion, listicles, and beyond. All that matters is that the topic is interesting and fits our seasonal theme. That said, if you need some inspiration,here are some topics we’d really like to cover:

MONSTERS – Features dedicated to the monsters and ghouls of pop culture and/or mythology.

GHOSTS/HAUNTINGS – We want these to cover a wide spectrum of entertainment about spirits and entities causing shenanigans. The weirder, the better. Additionally, we’re also open to publishing features that focus on real ghostly folk tales, bizarre haunted hot spots, and interesting spooky shenanigans from throughout history. Once again, the weirder, the better.

WITCHES/MAGIC/OCCULT – These are broad topics, sure, but we’re open to a broad selection of ideas dedicated to them.

HALLOWEEN CUSTOMS – A look at how different cultures celebrate Halloween and like-minded holidays. Furthermore, we’d love to look at cinema, television, and literature that incorporates these customs.

GENERAL HALLOWEEN – If you have an article idea that fits the spirit of the season, we want your pitch.

As a magazine and web entity we strive to provide genre fans with an alternative to the same old coverage. We want to provide a platform to interesting voices and we encourage critical thinking and fresh perspectives from all of our writers. At the same time, that doesn’t mean we’re opposed to being fun and silly. Let your imaginations soar and understand that no idea is too weird for us to consider.

If you’re interested, please email Kat at [email protected] with an introduction, your pitch(es), and a couple of writing samples. One of our editors will reach out to you afterwards if any idea tickles our fancy.