Dear Diabolique Readers,

In the past month, those of us here at Diabolique have had a series of discussions pertaining to the future of the Diabolique Brand. Whereas Diabolique has strived time and time again to bring you the most comprehensive, articulate and thought-provoking coverage of genre films, there is still much unexplored territory for our brand to discover. And with consumer culture changing by the day, Diabolique wants to keep giving you that dependable and excellent content in new, better ways.

So therefore, Diabolique is pleased to announce that, over the next few weeks, we will be unveiling a new wave of original, web-based content to our readers, followers and fans. This content includes “The Diabolique Podcast Network”, a network of horror culture-centric podcasts aiming to debut early next month, and “The Exhumation Collection”, a monthly presentation of imaginative and excellent horror short stories and serials. In order to provide this exciting new original content, Diabolique will be changing its original content submission policy, offering the complete ownership of submitted pieces to the contributors themselves.

With “The Diabolique Podcast Network”, Diabolique Magazine looks to change the way that horror culture is discussed, offering interactive and introspective podcasts for absolutely free. Upon its launch, “The Diabolique Podcast Network” will be compromised of five shows, with options to expand and grow. Three of these productions will be supervised and created in-house by Diabolique Magazine, and will provide a level of personal interaction and recognition for our fans past, present and future. The two other programs, however, will be outside productions, to be released by Diabolique on a weekly basis, which means you may have a chance of having a podcast on “The Diabolique Podcast Network”.

As of this writing, Diabolique will begin taking submissions for potential shows for the Network, accepting podcast pilots no longer than 90 minutes long and no shorter than 50 minutes long. Diabolique is looking for unique perspectives and lighthearted yet well-thought-out musings on the world of horror at large. These submissions, in either downloadable form or via hyperlink, can be emailed to [email protected] [Please Make Email Heading: The Diabolique Podcast Network]. And for those who are fans of Diabolique’s Webcast, don’t fret: Steve Slaughter Head’s podcast will still remain on our site, in tact and stronger than ever. For any questions and comments regarding “The Diabolique Podcast Network”, please contact [email protected]. The shows will not be initially available on iTunes, but will be hosted from our site, and can be synced up to most smart phones, tablets, mp3 players and home computers via the RSS feed to be provided.

Furthermore, Diabolique Magazine is extremely excited to present “The Exhumation Collection”, a series of innovative and gripping short-form horror tales from up-and-coming horror fiction authors. By giving talents with a significant voice and dread-inspiring imaginations a platform to express their most challenging and terrifying stories, Diabolique aims to introduce their audience to quality literature unlike they’ve seen before. “The Exhumation Collection” will pride itself on raising the bar for readers of horror literature, and will provide artists otherwise restrained by the literary world an open forum for their most deranged and surreal narratives. Once again, Diabolique wants to know if any of there readers believe that they’re cut out for “The Exhumation Collection”, and will be accepting submissions as of this writing at [email protected] [Please Make Email Heading: The Exhumation Collection]. The first short story in “The Exhumation Collection”, The Drowning by Catherine Kovach, will debut June 28th on For any and all questions or comments regarding “The Exhumation Collection”, please contact [email protected]. For those who read on tablets and e-readers, the stories from “The Exhumation Collection” will simultaneously be released in a downloadable .pdf format found on the same webpage as its online release.

By taking these bold new steps in the way of consuming Diabolique’s content, as well as providing new methods of expressing the articles, columns and critiques that you’ve all grown accustomed to, Diabolique wishes to establish a stronger and more ingratiated horror community than ever before. We feel that the horror community can become powerful and respectful once more, and by offering our thoughts and time to you, we can only hope to receive the same. As always, Diabolique will still continue printing, and the site will still be running with business as usual. In fact, Diabolique may be offering its strongest content to date, with Issue #17 shaping to be one of our best and most immersive and many awesome interviews, reviews and columns on the way. Once again, Diabolique Magazine would like to thank you all for your continued support to our content and contributors. We could not be reaching such an important transitional period without every one of you behind us, and we hope to reach even further horizons as we grow. So, from our subscribers to our readers to our followers on Twitter and fans on Facebook, keep reading, be patient and expect the best.

Yours Truly,

Diabolique Magazine