If this horror fan thought he’d walk away from the Days of the Dead horror convention unscarred…he was wrong.

Why yes, I believe those earrings do go nicely with your eyes. This is one of many creations on display throughout the exhibitors’ room. I suppose I could also share images from the VIP lounge, which was located in another room at the L.A. Convention Center, but then…I’d have to charge you.

The sledge-wielding maniac / star of the new horror film Sledge wants YOU.

Max Wasa is a back-up singer for Alice Cooper, an actress, a model, and a music manager. She also throws a mean “metal face.” Here, Max shows her approval of Diabolique‘s Music and Horror issue. And although she was kind enough to prominently place a copy of Diabolique issue #15 on her table, the eyes of most passersby would probably have still been drawn to the provocative modeling images she had on display at her table (many of which required strategically placed post-it notes to protect the eyes of children).

The real reason that Jasons can get killed and keep coming back is that they are really the children of the now virtually forgotten septomom, and each time a Jason gets killed, another takes his place. In this photo, two of the adorable tykes invite me to look at their family album.

While the new Evil Dead film screens at theaters around the world, Ellen Sandweiss (Cheryl from the original Evil Dead) makes her mark on the neck of a fan.

A fan claimed that our article on horror tattoos (Diabolique issue #13) inspired her to get the ink she sports here. I didn’t bother questioning the fact that the Bela Lugosi tattoo she displays looks like it was done prior to December (when that issue came out) or the fact that as we said our goodbyes, she told me, “Keep up the great work; I LOVE Rue Morgue!” I think that the bottom line here is that a lot of fans like our magazine, whatever it happens to be called, because it gots lots of purty pictures, not because it’s well-written and stuff. In any case, we love our fans, and we don’t discriminate against them… even if they think we’re someone else.

One of the many cool vendors at the Days of the Dead horror convention sold every horror fan’s favorite taxidermic rodents.

Diabolique issue #15 features an article on Kevin “Ogre” Ogilvie, who is the singer / lyricist for Skinny Puppy and Ohgr. He has also acted in numerous genre films, including: Repo: The Genetic Opera, The Devil’s Carnival, 2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams, Doom Generation, and others. Ogre is one of the very few musical artists whose work is not only horrifying, but is also important art with strong social and political messages. It would be in every Skinny Puppy fan’s best interest to buy a copy of issue #15 and read all about Ogre and his place in the worlds of music and horror. Also, the new Skinny Puppy album, Weapon, will be available next month!

On the right we have Heather Langenkamp (aka Nancy from A Nightmare on Elm Street). On the left we have one from a long line of fans who waited, patiently, for Heather’s autograph. “Nancy” was definitely the main attraction at the show…