dawn-of-the-deadThe original Dawn of the Dead is a horror masterpiece – I don’t think anyone in the genre would contest that point but one thing that always does seem to make for interesting convention discussion is what version of the film is the best.  Of course, there is George Romero’s theatrical cut and then a whole myriad of edits and versions that make for horror nerd arguments time and time again.  Then, you throw into the mix the Dario Argento cut – known as Zombi -and well, many a zombie fans heads have been known to explode  as the pressure from such discussions mount.

Well, strap in kids because now we’re going to have yet another version – the 4K restoration version – and it’s Dario himself that is leading the charge.  At the upcoming Venice Film Festival, Dario and fellow film maker  Nicolas Winding Refn, who has been making a lot of noise in the genre with his latest offering The Neon Demon, will be presenting the 4K restoration of Zombi.  The screening will be taking place at Midnight on Sept. 2nd.

If it’s well received (and seriously – how could it not be)  perhaps we’ll be able to get a look at it in all it’s hi-def glory over here in the states!  There are generations of horror fans who have never had the thrill of seeing Dawn of the Dead in a theater setting and to be able to have the experience with an enhanced picture and sound – hell ya – I’m in.

No other screenings are planned at the time of this writing but you can bet you ass – if someone paid for the restoration – it will be making its rounds soon.

Koch Media along with Norton Trust and Antonello Cuomo handled the restoration duties and I can’t wait to see how it’s turned out.  If any other screenings get announced – you’ll hear about it here.