the-burning-carrick-glenn-shearedWhen old school horror fans hear the name Cropsey they likely think of one thing – The Burning.  An often overlooked gem that features the amazing handy work of Tom Savini during his slasher hey day, it also features very early performances by Holly Hunter and Jason Alexander.

It turns out the Dreamworks has a notion to resurrect the the not so iconic horror icon and bring him back to life in a revamped “horror-comedy” aptly titled Cropsey.

Here’s how Dreamworks officially pitches it:

“CROPSEY will center on a group of adolescents at a summer camp haunted by an urban legend that dates back to the Colonial Period. DreamWorks is developing the story as an Amblin-esque project mixing horror and humor — a la GREMLINS and THE GOONIES.”

Not so sure about the “comedy” spin but it would be nice to see Cropsey get his moment in the sun and maybe become the next horror icon hard core grue fans have always known him to be.

Obviously this one is in its very early stages but as it gains steam and starts gathering steam – I’ll keep the updates coming.