Prolific genre filmmaker David Cronenberg has teamed up with Lance Weiler (The Last Broadcast), Toronto International Film Festival and the Canadian Film Center Media Lab to create a new, cryptic multimedia project, entitled BODY/MIND/CHANGE. This project will allow people to “experience what it is like to live inside a David Cronenberg film” and present “the plausible science fiction found in [Cronenberg’s] work as scientific fact”.

One can register for the project by checking out this link and signing up: https://www.bodymindchange.ca/.  When registered, you receive a Personal On-Demand (POD), a “biotech enhancement implant” inspired by Cronenberg’s films such as Scanners, Videodrome and eXistenZ. Cronenberg will be the first participant of the project and on October 25th, registered participants will be taken through a three part, narrative instructional series functioning as a training simulator for the PODs. This will “guarantee them a unique POD generated from their behavior during the simulations.”

According to the released statement, POD’s will be available for pick up at the close of the “David Cronenberg:  Evolution” exhibition in January 2014 at the BMC Labs installation. The trailer for BODY/MIND/CHANGE can be viewed below:

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