Back in 2007 an amazing double disc edition of Creepshow was released – problem was, it was only available in the UK.  Here in the states we were treated to a bare bones – special features free Blu-ray – hardly seems fair does it?  In all honesty – what was really unfair was keeping the included documentary Just Desserts from fans of the film – what’s Just Desserts you ask?

It was the feature length documentary put together by long time supplemental film maker Michael Felsher and it was and is a thing of beauty.  Chock full of amazing behind the scenes information it is a “must see” and “must own” piece for all fans of the Romero classic.  Thanks to Felsher and Synapse Films – the states will have their day in the sun.

No official release date yet but we do have the cover art as well as information on what else will be on the release.

Fango talked to Felsher this past weekend at the Mad Monster Party and he spilled the following beans:

“I did a commentary track for it, and there’s a second commentary by actor John Amplas, Darryl Ferrucci [Savini’s assistant on the movie] and Bruce Alan Miller, the art director; those three are not in the documentary. Then there’s an interview with cinematographer Michael Gornick, who is also not in the documentary, and extended interview outtakes; I went through everything and found a lot of good stuff we didn’t use. There are deleted sequences, a behind-the-scenes still gallery and some more making-of footage.

“Then we’ll have SCREAM GREATS VOL. 1, the classic Tom Savini documentary, in there, FANGORIA produced that back in 1986 for Paramount Home Video, who have held onto it ever since. It had life on VHS and laserdisc, but Paramount never reissued it again after that; it just got kind of buried. I’ve tried to secure the rights to it for a couple of other Blu-rays over the last few years, and Paramount was like, ‘What’s this thing we own? We don’t know…’ I finally got ahold of someone over there, Paramount graciously did some research and they let me know that they had no issues with me using the SCREAM GREATS piece as a supplemental feature on JUST DESSERTS.”

How freaking sweet is that?

The inclusion of Scream Greats just may put this one in the “must own disc of the year” category.

As I mentioned above, no firm release date yet from Synapse but fear not – as soon as the info drops, I”ll make sure you know.  Till then lay your eyes on the sweet ass cover art!


Thanks to Fangoria for unearthing all the awesome info!!