"Jeepers Creepers"

“Jeepers Creepers”

Fans of the Jeepers Creepers series may be happy to hear that controversial director Victor Salva has signed on to take the helm of Purgatory, a vampire-western being produced by Cat and Mouse Films. The film, scripted by Denis Faye, tells the story of an aging sheriff and an English vampire hunter joining forces to save a small town in New Mexico from a clan of vampires in 1892. As of this writing, there is no currently attached cast members. Salva, whose personal history has often marred his career despite actively working in film since 1999, is best known for his film Powder, as well as his two successful Jeepers Creepers films. Despite the success of Jeepers Creepers 2, Purgatory will replace the long-in-development Jeepers Creepers 3: Cathedral as Salva’s next genre offering.

Vampire films are a risky territory for horror after losing a lot of their scare factor thanks to their new teen-girl-fantasy status, but Salva has proved himself a competent director and valued contributor to genre-films before. The make-up work alone in the Jeepers Creepers franchise has proven he can bring forth some truly frightening creatures, which is just what the blood-sucking genre needs now. Furthermore, the Western genre has also been faltering, following the underwhelming performances of The Lone Ranger and Cowboys vs. Aliens. However, the Horror-Western territory has been ventured into before to mixed degrees of success, including Gallowwalker, The Burrowers, Dead in Tombstone and Near Dark.

Purgatory will be produced by Nick Sternberg and Jesse Felsot of Cat and Mouse Films, but no other details about the project have been announced as of this posting.  For more on Salva, Purgatory and Jeepers Creepers, check back here to DiaboliqueMagazine.com.