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Contest: Los Angeles’ Horror Film Festival Shreikfest wants your help.


Are you an aspiring filmmaker? Do you own or have access to a camera? Do you have the creative mind to craft a horror, sci-fi and/or fantasy story that is less than a minute. If you answered yes to the questions of above then this contest might be for you. Get the chance to have your work screened at a major film festival by entering into Shreikfest’s new contest.

Contest Information via Shreikfest :

“The festival, now in its fantastic fourteenth year, seeks commercial submissions that will be used on its website and social media pages to help get people excited. The winning commercial will be screened at the festival and kick off each block of films. The only requirements are for the commercial to be under one minute, be horror/sci-fi/fantasy related, and mention that Shriekfest is in its fourteenth year.
Entrants must submit their commercial to [email protected] by August 15 to be considered.
Shriekfest was created in July 2001 by Denise Gossett and has grown into the longest-running and one of the largest horror and sci-fi film festivals in the country. Since its inception, Shriekfest has offered young and upcoming writers, actors, and producers a chance to have their work screened and rated by peers. The final deadline for entries is July 1 (Without a Box entries have until July 20).
For more information on the Shriekfest Film Festival, sponsorship opportunities, submission guidelines, and more, or contact festival founder and director Denise Gossett at [email protected].”

Still think you have what it takes? Watch this video to find out.

Hammer Horror: The Warner Bros Years

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