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Hammer Horror: The Warner Bros Years


  1. Hi,

    I have completed a film on Forrest J Ackerman (THE ACKERMONSTER CHRONICLES! IMDB: ), and was wondering about your GLs for review consideration?

    Many thanks!


  2. I follow your online publication and wondered have you ever heard of zombie go boom? They are a show on youtube that tests weapons and objects on zombie heads, anatomically correct as far as I understand. Its like mythbusters with zombies. They do cinematics on some episodes explaining theories whether it will work or not. I’d love to see somebody discover these guys. I don’t think they are huge but they are getting there. They have become one of my favorite youtube channels. They’ve worked with sony and kabar knives, and a lot more. I think they even had Tom Green on their show once. Please check them out I’ll provide a link to their channel.

    Rick Dipley

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