Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson in "The Conjuring"

Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson in “The Conjuring”

The Conjuring opened at the box office to a whopping $41.5 million, doubling it’s production cost and making up the marketing cost within its first 72 hours of release. Between the success of The Purge and World War Z, audiences this summer have embraced horror over action this summer, but no film indicates that climate shift as well as The Conjuring, which has already breached $100 million and continuing to go strong. So what does New Line Cinema do? They get the word out as quick as possible about a sequel, setting writers Carey and Chad Hayes to pen the sequel to their successful “inspired by true events” horror film based on the case files of Ed and Lorraine Warren. However, the writers aren’t the only ones jumping on the bandwagon this quickly.

Patrick Wilson (Insidious) and Vera Farmiga (The Departed) both have signed on for the sequel to The Conjuring to reprise their roles as the famous paranormal investigators. As The Conjuring still sits in one of the top spots at the box office, it’s easy to see why New Line has jumped at this opportunity as quick as they have, and with critics praising Wilson and Farmiga for their performances in the film, the reprisal seems to be in the best interest of all involved.

Though we’d love to see James Wan at the helm for the sequel, as much of its effectiveness relied on Wan’s sensibilities and experience with the horror genre, his return does not seem likely since he will be hard at work on Fast & Furious 7. Likewise, since their case was solved, it was unlikely we’ll see Lili Taylor, Ron Livingston or the rest of their fictional family return for the sequel as well. Who will take over for the sequel to this summer’s most successful horror movie? Fans should hope for someone with similar craftsmanship as Wan, as many of the film’s detractors have stated the territory covered in The Conjuring was mainly scary due to Wan’s variation on familiar concepts. Keep your eye on to find out more on The Conjuring 2.

– By Nick Wolf