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Lund International Fantastic Film Festival: ‘His Master’s Voice’ and ‘The Final Land’ Serve Up Heady Sci-Fi; ‘Werewolf’ Pits Adolescent Prison Camp Survivors Against Attack Dogs

The following films screened at the 2019 Lund International Fantastic Film Festival (Lund, Sweden) from September 27 until October 5. Hungarian film His Master’s Voice (Az Úr hangja, 2018) is a trippy, challenging work focused on a man’s search for ...

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Scenes: Gaspar Noé’s Love

Gaspar Noé’s Love (2015) explores the ordinary, everyday relationship between U.S student filmmaker Murphy, his girlfriend Electra, and their neighbour, Omi. Told via a series of flashbacks, the film is notable for exploring the sexual nature of the protagonists’ relationships ...

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