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The Facility (Film Review)

The Facility

Some of the most fascinating films in the horror genre explore the use and abuse of psychotropic drugs. Effective recent examples include Adam Wingard’s nightmarish Pop Skull (2007), Eduardo Sanchez’s chilling Lovely Molly (2011), and Jeremiah Kipp’s haunting short film ...

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Gut (Film Review)


Horror tends to be a genre that many filmmakers cut their teeth on when trying to enter into the business. Sam Raimi, Peter Jackson, even Francis Ford Coppola got some of their first work in the blood-and-guts corner of cinema ...

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Psycho III (US Blu-Ray Review)

If there’s anything that the ‘80s will be known for in the field of horror, aside from groundbreaking practical effects and the saturation of the slasher marketplace, is the widespread franchising of genre entries. While unlikely franchises spawned from Friday ...

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Squirm (UK Blu-Ray Review)

Among the pantheon of the “natural” horror genre, few are as revered as cult horror director Jeff Lieberman’s debut Squirm (1976). The film features early makeup work from Oscar-winning makeup artist Rick Baker, and since it’s release, it remains the ...

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