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Byzantium (US Blu-Ray Review)

Irish director Neil Jordan (2009’s Ondine) dips back into vampire lore after 1994’s Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles, a handsome, seductively rendered adaptation of Anne Rice’s novel with starry A-list hunks and little, curly-headed Kirsten Dunst. Based on ...

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Shiver (Film Review)


There’s an odd dynamic both filmmakers and audiences approach with serial killer films: there’s been so many iconic killers, fictional or otherwise, within the lexicon of film and television. The expectation from the audience is now reliant on seeing a ...

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Haunter (Film Review)


No matter how much found footage, exorcism or slasher horror that recurring fads will spring upon audiences time and time again, there is no horror story as dependable or satisfying as an old-fashioned ghost story. And while new filmmakers have ...

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