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Haunter (Film Review)


No matter how much found footage, exorcism or slasher horror that recurring fads will spring upon audiences time and time again, there is no horror story as dependable or satisfying as an old-fashioned ghost story. And while new filmmakers have ...

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Machete Kills (Film Review)

Machete Kills

In retrospect, it’s almost unfathomable that the second entry in the Machete series has arrived, as the laws of Hollywood business typically would prevent even the first film from coming into realization. Considering Grindhouse was the first major financial disappointment for Quentin ...

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Evangeline (Film Review)


Evangeline, filmed in British Columbia by Opiate Pictures, is inspired by serial killings of women that have remained unsolved for decades. “We’ve had serial killers go uncaught for years,” says director Karen Lam. “In two square blocks of Vancouver, 65 women ...

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