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Crawlspace (US Blu-Ray Review)

David Schmoeller’s neglected gem Crawlspace (1986) has been rescued from obscurity by Shout Factory subset Scream Factory alongside a release of another ‘80s cult film, The Beast Within (1982). Released on a newly restored blu-ray disc this month, Crawlspace is ...

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Sanitarium (Film Review)

Malcolm McDowell in Sanitarium (2013)

Sanitarium, a superb horror anthology film “hosted by” Malcolm McDowell, presents the curious facts preceding the committal of three individuals to a mental hospital. The three patients are under the care of Dr. Henry Stenson (McDowell). I hope Sanitarium signals ...

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The People Under the Stairs (UK Blu-Ray Review)

Film writer Calum Waddell calls Wes Craven’s The People Under the Stairs “one of the great horror movies of the 1990s.” And yet this 1991 comedy/horror/mystery is about as frightening as  a Chuck Jones cartoon, and its subtext and social commentary (dealing with the class warfare of that era) are a trifle obvious—perhaps even out of place ...

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Crave (Film Review)


It’s safe to say that in an age of social media, economic unrest and rampant consumerism, it’s a surprise that deranged loner films are uncommon. Sure, there’s elements of this archetype in most action films (going closer in line to ...

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