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Oculus (Film Review)

Mirrors have frequently surfaced in the horror genre, so it can be difficult to get around the clichés associated with them.  As a result, mention of a “spooky mirror” horror film can conjure feelings of pessimism. Mike Flanagan’s transcendent new ...

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Blood Glacier (Film Review)

Most American moviegoers, spoiled by the appeal of Hollywood blockbusters, aren’t always open to independent foreign films. One complaint, from such viewers, centers on the distraction of reading of subtitles. In addition, Horror in general has its own difficulty appealing ...

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The Bag Man (Film Review)

In the late ‘90s and early ‘00s, there was a strange influx of independent films, or studio films in the guise of independent aesthetics, that flooded the market, emulating the dialogue stylings of Quentin Tarantino, while perhaps leaning into stranger ...

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Patrick (Film Review)

Patrick (2013)

An Australian remake of the little-seen 1978 Australian “Ozploitation” horror film of the same name, Patrick isn’t get-under-your-skin scary, but it sure is hokey, overheated fun. Documentary short director Mark Hartley, working from a screenplay by first-timer Justin King, has not ...

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The Den (Film Review)

  More often than not, found footage horror film comes with a bad stigma. Perceived as a cheap gimmick, the audience is forced to suspend their disbelief regarding things such as camera battery life, its durability, et cetera. Whether you ...

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