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Motivational Growth (film review)

In 2014, is self-imposed isolation and entertainment addiction really that unusual of a lifestyle choice? To answer that question we’ll peer into yet another human rat’s nest in the strange tale that is Don Thacker’s Motivational Growth, featuring Adrian DiGiovanni ...

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The Pact II (Film Review)

Writer-directors Dallas Richard Hallam and Patrick Horvath made a little knockout of a movie with 2012’s Entrance, which was described as “mumblecore with stakes.” For now, before they make another original film on the crafty, emotionally rattling levels of their feature debut, they have ...

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Honeymoon (Film Review)

The woods is always a surefire setting to tell a horror story that plays with isolation, especially when cell reception needs to be rendered useless. Low-budget chamber horror-drama Honeymoon isn’t just another excuse to throw gallons of karo syrup on a couple ...

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Snowpiercer (Film Review)

For a publication that specializes in horror, reviewing a film that falls strictly outside the genre seems like a stretch.Korean director Joon-ho Bong’s Snowpiercer may lack a supernatural monstrosity—or a faceless killer lurking in the shadows—, but sometimes the greatest ...

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