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Snowpiercer (Film Review)

For a publication that specializes in horror, reviewing a film that falls strictly outside the genre seems like a stretch.Korean director Joon-ho Bong’s Snowpiercer may lack a supernatural monstrosity—or a faceless killer lurking in the shadows—, but sometimes the greatest ...

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Hazmat (Film Review)

Writer/Director Lou Simon’s film HazMat tells the story of a failing hidden-camera prank show called “Scary Antics,” where people put their friends in horror-film-styled situations before letting them in on the joke. Their latest episode is centered on Jacob (Norbert ...

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Borgman (Film Review)

When a film poses more questions than answers, the knee-jerk reaction is to peg it as an unintentional problem, as if the filmmakers made no artistic choice. Written and directed by Dutch filmmaker Alex van Warmerdam, Borgman is a compulsively ...

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