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Crave (Film Review)


It’s safe to say that in an age of social media, economic unrest and rampant consumerism, it’s a surprise that deranged loner films are uncommon. Sure, there’s elements of this archetype in most action films (going closer in line to ...

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The “dead teenagers” in obviously haven’t seen last year’s giddily inspired gem The Cabin in the Woods or any of the hundred “spam-in-a-cabin” slasher flicks since the 1970s and ’80s. However, the puppet master here, played by the handsomely ...

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Swerve (Film Review)

Swerve Movie Review

Seedy locales, femme fatales, morally ambiguous characters and situations—these are but some of the elements that make up film and neo noir. A world where cynicism is king and nobody gets out clean. Writer/Director Craig Lahiff’s Swerve strives to emulate many ...

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Shiver (Film Review)


There’s an odd dynamic both filmmakers and audiences approach with serial killer films: there’s been so many iconic killers, fictional or otherwise, within the lexicon of film and television. The expectation from the audience is now reliant on seeing a ...

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